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For the past two decades Charles Newman has made records with artists spanning an array of genres. Cutting his teeth in his early days in NYC he got to work with classics on the Hip-hop, R&B and Club scene like Melle Mel, Craig Mack, Mercury from the Force MDs and Victor Simonelli. Soon after he found himself immersed in the NYC Hardcore scene recording with artists such as H20, Breakdown, 25 to Life, Thursday, Walter Schriefels and many more.  In the late nineties his work with Stephin Merritt and The Magnetic Fields began which led to a two decade collaboration on most of their albums, side projects and film and tv related work. Throughout the oughts Newman expanded his traditional rock rooted palette deep into orchestral instrumentation, avant sound design and Americana folk influences combining these elements to create an anything goes production style. From project to project these influences emerge as needed to fit the song.

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Aarktica, Aloud, AM, Austin Hartley-Leonard, Bela, Carina Round, Cold Blood Club, Flare Acoustic Arts League, Future Bible Heroes, Evripidis and His Tragedies, Gospel Music, H2O, Kris Gruen, Jane Telephonda, Jasmine Ash, Jon DeRosa, Motopony, Pale Horse and Rider, Peppina, Please, Soft News, Supercel, The Bones of J.R Jones, The Bowmans, The Magnetic Fields, The Ton-Ups, Toby Lightman, Soko, Stephin Merritt, Tim Myers, Walter Schriefels